Healing Humans

An exploration into the concept of modern “luxury”. In a consumer driven society, where excessive indulgence has driven the luxury industry to the point of selling the unnecessary, the modern human takes a step back and materialistic luxury is losing its appeal.edit 14 final copybytreenedit 15 finalfinalbytreen

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Parallel to this, the pace of modern society has increased. In a world that is constantly rushing, stress has become the health epidemic of the 21st century. The body’s natural ‘fight or flight’ response to danger is now outdated; for the modern predator cannot be outrun.  Demanding work schedules and high costs of living are the invisible killers of today’s society.  The hormones that our bodies release to escape these threats become destructive as we fail to utilise them.


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According to statistics 1 in 6 workers are dealing with anxiety, depression or stress. It is in this whirlpool of everyday life that modern luxury has found a more conceptual meaning, the time to relax and heal.

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‘Healing Humans’ aims to resolve the problems we do not see.  Having researched TCM and the practice of acupressure, I have created weighted jewellery pieces that sit over relaxing pressure points. These pieces can be pushed and rolled, allowing the meditative benefits of the shiatsu technique to be felt.  Moreover, bracing pieces enforce good posture, reducing the overstraining of muscles and stress related tensions.

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Furthermore I have created a soft fabric collection, embedded with patterns created from the stress response hormone structures, to stimulate the c-tactile fibres that convey the emotional quality of touch to soothe the mind. Formed over the body, my fabric intertwines between the jewellery and takes the form of soft harnesses and loose fitting lingerie.

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Yet, my pieces are non restrictive, supporting an ideal of healing and a respect for any form or shape that wears it, moving away from ideas of provocative constriction that society has created.  My collection aims to co-exist with the evolution of modern life, creating moments of calm in a hectic world.  A collection to promote personal health, irrespective of age or gender.  When time becomes a luxury stress becomes apparent, but just because it is out of sight, should not mean it is out of mind.

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Jewellery and Lingerie Design – Treeney Harkin

Photographer/Makeup – Kate Sutton

Creative Direction – William Lee

Model – Ellie Hook

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