The Royal College of Art, Interview, 2020

Selected and interviewed by the Royal College of Art on the generative four day workshop, Rituals & Recipes run by myself, Jesse May Fisher and Rieko Whitefield. An exploration of community healing and the subversion of self interest.

Fashion Crossover London Graduate Talent Programme, 2020

Selected as part of the graduate talent programme by Fashion Crossover London with a two page feature on my practice.

The Devil’s Gateway, Papaya by the Royal College of Art Feminist Society, 2020

Work featuring in a zine made by the RCA Feminist Society to support ‘Sistah Space’; a non-profit charity based in Hackney helping victims of sexual and domestic violence from African and Caribbean backgrounds.

Mercurial Mist, Everything Forever Exhibition, 2020

A collaborative piece of work made with Jesse May Fisher and Rieko Whitefield featured on the three week online exhibition, Everything Forever.

The Pluralist, 2020

Feminist Art Museum, 2020

Selected for the exhibition ‘Protest and Protect’ by the Feminist Art Museum.

Bad Habits, The Pluralist in Print, 2019

Anyone Girl, On Fallen Angels, 2020

My capsule collection, ‘On Fallen Angels’ featured on New Zealand based journal, Anyone Girl.

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Notion Magazine, His Gaze Owns Her, 2018

An in depth profile and discussion on my female focused exhibition, ‘His Gaze Owns Her’, by Notion Magazine.


Ladies Who Launch, His Gaze Owns Her, 2018

An interview with Ladies who Launch detailing my reasons for holding the exhibition ‘His Gaze Owns Her’.

Pride Magazine Summer Issue, Graduate Collection, 2016

In print editorial in Pride Magazine featuring my undergraduate jewellery from my collection ‘Healing Humans’.





About Fashion Magazine, Graduate Collection, 2016

Interview and feature on my undergraduate collection, ‘Healing Humans’ which aimed to tackle the modern stress epidemic.