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Treeney Harkin is a designer who explores matrilineal histories, venerable rituals and traditional processes. Weaving a practice that co-exists with the seasons and venerates a slower way of life, she designs for sustainability and well-being through creations for home, body and earth.  With a soft focus on embodied knowledge, she reconnects us to the earth utilising foraged ingredients from the land and sea to invoke the power of holistic remedies.  Through her creative process she rebirths ancient knowledge into new offerings, infused with instinct and soul, to rewild our anima and reimagine our earth borne substance.

In 2019 she was awarded the Burberry Design Scholarship to attend the Royal College of Art and her online degree show spanned two weeks where her work was selected for a curation by Francesca Amfitheatrof, artistic director of jewellery at Louis Vuitton, and was shortlisted for two prizes.  Prior to this she gained a First-Class honours degree in Textiles and Surface Design before going on to work within the highly dynamic London fashion industry with brands at the forefront of the creative scene such as MARIEYAT, Marques’ Almeida and Burberry. She is currently the Deputy Editor of Anyone Girl Journal and a member of Artemisia, an artists’ collective whose practices intersect healing, ritual and bodily knowledge. She previously ran her own female-led exhibition, ‘His Gaze Owns Her’, to support other female artists.


MA Jewellery and Metal, Royal College of Art

First Class Honours Textiles and Surface Design, BNU University

Foundation Diploma in Art and Design, Leeds College of Art


‘Metanoia’, Cromwell Place, London, 2021

‘Crown Shyness’, Halley Gallery, London, 2021

‘Printed Matter’, Bookartbookshop, London, 2020

‘JAM FACTORY WIP’, Royal College of Art, London, 2020

‘His Gaze Owns Her’, The Taproom, London, 2018

Awards and Achievements

Royal College of Art Burberry Design Scholarship, 2019

Fashion Crossover London Graduate Talent Programme, 2020

Shortlisted for the HIGH Prize in Creative Excellence, 2021

Shortlisted for the Graham Hughes Award, 2021

Selected for The Goldsmith Centre’s ‘Getting Started’ course for skilled makers in the UK, 2022